About Eucas

EUCAS is the European Conference on Applied Superconductivity, now at its 11th edition, that takes place every two years in a different European venue, and attracts scientists working in the field of superconductivity and industrial researchers dealing with the industrial applications, coming from all over the world.

In fact, while in the early editions EUCAS was thought primarily as a European forum, with time, the event has gradually opened up to a wider participation, international in character, with a growing presence of attendees from Asian countries, mainly Japan, China and Korea, and from the United States. Last edition involved more than a thousand scientists from 44 different countries.

EUCAS is principally aimed at bringing out the most recent scientific developments in the investigation of superconducting materials, and at fostering discussion on new potential applications of superconductivity and on technology transfer to industry.

EUCAS is therefore a prestigious event from both the scientific and technological point of view, because it hosts the presentation of products, services, techniques and know-how, which are innovative and highly relevant to the advancement of scientific research and industrial productivity in the superconductivity field.

In 2013 EUCAS will take place in Italy for the second time, the first being in 2003 in Sorrento.

The choice of Genoa is of particular significance, given its scientific and industrial vocation for superconductivity issues.

In Genoa, in fact, are based many companies operating in this area of excellence, both in industry (such as ASG Superconductors, Columbus Superconductors, and Paramed), and in the research field (the SPIN Institute of CNR, the University of Genoa, with the Departments of Physics and Chemistry, and the local branch of INFN). All of them are represented in the organizing committee of EUCAS 2013.

The appointment is therefore in Genoa, September 15th to 19th 2013.

See you there!